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Weekend Escape - Moreton Island

Moreton island: a perfect 4wd weekend getaway

James from EFS heads to Moreton Island for a weekend escape

With picture perfect weather, it was time to head off to Moreton Island for the weekend! A slight westerly made the barge ride on the MICAT a little rough, but luckily I remembered to take my seasick tablets and before long I was enjoying one of Moreton Island Adventures' famous smilie-faced pies and a lovely warm cuppa. Now before disembarking the MICAT onto the sand, I made sure I remembered to let the tyres down on the Isuzu MUX (don't really want to get bogged straight off the ferry!). Now there is a bit of an argument between fellow 4wders regarding the pressures you should run but to be honest, I've always found 18psi work for me! I know some run lower than that (particularly if the sand is really soft) but 18 has served me well over many trips. And as I have been wisely informed by my mates at Exclusive Tyres, it also depends on the construction of the tyre, or more precisely on how hard the side wall is due to the layers of ply.

So, after a short journey across the bay, it's time to disembark the MICAT and cruise straight onto the sand tracks of Moreton (no bitumen here!), which the MUX does with ease, as I have already remembered to engage 4wd. Arriving at the island always brings a smile to my face, as the amazing colour of the water contrasting with the white sands is something you really need to take a moment to appreciate. With that moment over, let's get 4wding!!!

It was only a short 45min drive up the beach to a sandy little town call Bulwer where we find Castaways, a convenience store/restaurant with everything you forgot to bring, and that also serves an awesome REAL Coffee as well. But that's not all you can get here: gourmet meals including, breakfast, lunch and dinner (don't forget to try the homemade brownies!), all capably served by an extremely friendly team led by Nathan, the Island chief, and Lea the amazing head Chef, who in my experience tailored all my food to my 'special' eating needs (damn dairy intolerance).

Time to pick up the keys to the glamping tent and check in to this wonderful accommodation with all the creature comforts required while camping; a warm bed, a toilet and of course a hot shower! So while all the other campers in the group pitched their tents at the nearby campground and prepared their bedding and cooking etc, I snuck in a quick nap...

Refreshed and ready for action, we spent the next few days exploring the island, including sand tobogganing down the inland dunes at the Desert, which was great fun despite the mouth full of sand on the way down. I guess that's probably how they named the sandwich (sorry - dad joke!)...
Fishing has always been one of my many passions, so we wet a line on the surf side in one of the many gutters along the beach and waited for the fish to bite. We also took the short walk up to the top of Cape Moreton (oldest lighthouse in Queensland), where you can see miles down the beach and as far as the eye can see out to the ocean - what an amazing view! It was a bit early for the whales, but we spotted a few turtles and a school of fish in the clear blue waters below.

Moreton Island offers so many things to see and do for both the novice and the more experienced 4wder, and with the MICAT leaving just over the Gateway at the Port of Brisbane, is very convenient for Brisbane locals.

Overall, Moreton Island is a perfect weekend getaway from the city, and if you don't wish to camp and take everything bar the kitchen sink, a nice little weekend stay in the Glamping tents at Castaways is just enough luxury while "roughing it" on an island (what? a Princess, did I hear you say?).

If you want to find out more about Moreton Island follow the link to

Great Endeavour Rally

The Great Endeavour Rally was always on our buckets list and we did our first in 2014. If you like driving in the dirt through some of the most incredible parts of the Australian Outback, then this is for you.

This years is double the time and distance and travels from Ipswich to Uluru and back to Stanthorpe. 8000 kilometres in 18 days on some of the worst tracks and roads imaginable. This takes its toll on suspension, which one reason we are so pleased to have EFS on board as a sponsor. We already had EFS suspension on the car and found it gave us outstanding stability and comfort. Given our kit is now more than 5 years old we are refreshing the springs and shock absorbers as a precaution.

The other reason we are grateful to EFS is they have provided items for us to auction during the Endeavour rally to raise funds. This is the primary reason for doing the journey, as it is the major fundraiser completed by the Endeavour foundation. The Endeavour Foundation support people with a disability through employment, training, education, accommodation services, respite, and recreation and lifestyle options in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Each year the funds raised from the Great Endeavour Rally have benefited individuals and regional communities, improved support options, and achieved better outcomes so that people with a disability have greater opportunities for independence, choice, control, and inclusion. Last year's QLD Rally raised over $430,000 and over 300 people with a disability have benefitted.

If you would like to follow our Journey please Like our Facebook page Endeavour Rally 2016 - On Safari or help us with a donation.

Thanks to James and the Team at EFS for their incredible support for this great cause.

Joachim Sawkins and Simon Fraser

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Patriot Campers

The new Patriot Supertourer range is firmly based on Patriot Campers award winning design, using state of the art technology.

With a mix of Australia's best 4x4 accessories, we feature a high-strength, military-grade aluminium "mini camper" alloy body. With an extended wheelbase on Toyota's touring platform - LC200 and the 79 Series paired with EFS's quality 4wd suspension package.

This combination makes for a formidable Super tourer combination, not to mention the power of the kick ass diesel powered V8.

There's no doubt we are reinventing the touring market for campers and caravaners alike. With continuing the proud Patriot Campers tradition of toughness, durability and class leading performance in a complete turn key solution for your Australian adventure.

Throughout years of remote destination travel, we have put together a comprehensive list of accessories to compliment your build with real world testing in punishing conditions.
This enables us to guarantee that your Supertourer and all of our options provide the best possible performance and reliability.


See below images from the recent Suspension Upgrade with EFS on a Toyota 79 Series Landcruiser

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Ontrack Automotive 4x4 Australia Hilux Fit Out

Phil from Ontrack Automotive started out in business in 1992, but began his time as a Mechanic when he was only 15 years old.  
Now he has 35 years' experience working in the Automotive Industry.

Over the years he has specialised in LP Gas conversions and automotive repairs to all makes and models of vehicles. In the year
2000 he changed his business name to Ontrack Automotive to attract the 4wd customers.

Phil and his family spent a lot of time touring the Western Australia back in 1990 and worked their way up the WA coast, living and
working in Port Hedland. This is where he had to repair a lot of things instead of changing out parts. This gave him a great knowledge
of how mechanical parts worked and how to get out of a tight situation.

“4wds are my passion, I have worked for Nissan dealers in WA and NT, returning to Vic and starting out on my own business. Over the last
8 years we have been a distributor for EFS Suspension building our business up into a large supplier & fitment of EFS components.” Phil from Ontrack Automotive

Phil keeps in stock most suspension parts to suit late model 4wd vehicles and he also specialises in GVM upgrades and 4wd accessories.

So if you’re ever in the Ferntree Gully area, drop in and see Phil and the team at Ontrack Automotive - your EFS 4wd Suspension specialist.

Read the full write up of Ontrack Automotives suspension upgrade of the 4x4 Australia magazines "Loaded Lux" here

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Top 10 vehicle safety tips for Easter

You can’t put a price on you and your family’s safety when you’re heading off to your Easter destination

All 4 Adventure Best Bogs

 1. Mechanical


  Whether you do it yourself or book it into a mechanic, a service and a check over of your vehicle is always paramount before heading off on a big trip.

2. Storage


Do you have enough room for the kids bikes, clothes, food, kitchen sink etc and is everything secured?

3. Towing


 Does your vehicle confidently tow the caravan/camper trailer/boat etc and when was the last time you had the brakes checked and the bearings serviced?  Don't be that person stuck on the side of the road waiting for the spare parts shop to open.

4. Accessories


 Are your accessories up to scratch? Does your winch work, is your wiring to the fridge working? Most importantly, is your suspension going to be able to carry the load and passengers safely?

5. Weight


How loaded is your vehicle, do you know your vehicles GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass)?

6. Tyres


 Are your tyres roadworthy or require replacing and most importantly, do you have a spare tyres and is it up to scratch?

7.  Fuel


Can you store enough fuel to get you where you're going? Is a long range tank a good idea or jerry cans of fuel.

 8.  Spares and “just in case items”


Always bring some tools, spanners, socket set, screw drivers, a fist full of zip ties, spare fan belts, hose clamps and recovery equipment if you plan for a bit of off road adventure.  Also joining a breakdown service can be a money and time saver in the long run.

 9. Driver Fatigue


Don’t forget to swap drivers, have a break every few hours and plan to change over drivers at certain towns/landmarks.  Getting there safely is better than not getting there at all.

10. Fun


Have a happy Easter!!!!